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Sneak Peek for Elle & Tristan :) September 27, 2009

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I had a wonderful time photographing this wonderful little family this afternoon!

There was never a dull moment with little Amy running around, acting like a little clown…she is such a gorgeous kid!

Blayde is as cute as they get and I left the shoot almost popping feathers from the cluckiness!  He was very laid back and well behaved, although would NOT show off his gorgeous smile…but I forgive him – I think he’s cute with or without a smile!

Thankyou SO much Elle and Tristan for inviting me over to take photos of you all.  I really did have a great time 🙂

I hope you enjoy your sneak peek.

I will be in touch with you soon with your full gallery.

Jodes xo

Blayde & Elle

Tristian & Blayde


Elle & Blayde



And this one is “just” for Amy 😉

Amy's artwork


Sneak peek for Gaby! July 16, 2009

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A couple of weeks ago I met up with a friend for a maternity shoot.  She was roughly 37.5 weeks at the time and was looking wonderful!

It was a little nerve racking, as it was my first maternity shoot, but I am forever greatful to Gaby for letting me photograph her growing belly.

Baby H was born only one week later, and I look forward to meeting him tomorrow for his camera debut 🙂

Enjoy your sneak peek Gaby!




A fresh new look… May 22, 2009

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With the recent launch of my website (, I thought I should start blogging again and give it a fresh new look.  Thankyou to Jessica Spuhler ( for making my groovy header!

I will eventually change the current template to something a bit more…”hip” (truth be told, I tried to do it last night and failed MISERABLY! *blush* )…but for now, this one will have to do *sigh*.

I haven’t had the camera out an awful lot lately, but I did manage to get a few nice shots of my girls and their siblings a couple of weeks ago…something which is quite hard to do, as they’re usually at each other’s throats, lol!


I look forward to sharing some new photos with you all soon :0)




Evermore forever more April 3, 2009

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I do realise that a lot of you are probably sick to death of hearing me going on and on and on about Evermore, but suck it up, because I’ll be talking about them for a long time yet, :).

So those of you who may not know…I was lucky enough to see Evermore LIVE in concert at the weekend.  GERF (Gippsland Emergency Relief Fund) held a fun day/concert at the Traralgon Showgrounds on Sunday to raise money for the Gippslanders who were affected by Black Saturday’s devastating bushfires.

We toodled on over at lunchtime, in time for Brooke to see Dora the Explorer and her ute sidekick Boots the monkey perform live on stage…she was totally enthralled!  It wasn’t too bad, except that the sun was SO HOT!  There was very little shade, so unfortunately we (I) decided not to stay long, and would head back to my brother’s for a couple of hours and head back when it cooled down.  We had Mum & Dave coming down from Melbourne also.

Hails wasn’t too impressed with the decision to leave, as she wanted to go on the jumping castles and get her face painted, but the lines for the castles were AT LEAST 100 people long, and in direct sun.  I told her she could do all that when we return (little did I know Mum & Dave were going to take 3 hours to get back, and the kid’s activities would be long packed up before we returned, lol).

We headed back to the showgrounds at 7pm, in time to see Lee Kernagan and Adam Brand perform.  I’m not a big country music fan, but it was still a good experience to see them perform!

After what already seemed like a long night, Evermore finally came on stage at around 9:30pm, and they were amazing!  They played some of the more popular songs (Hey boys & girls, Light surrounding you, running, etc) and also some of their older stuff.  Hails and I managed to get almost to the front (we could have got further, but we could see really well from where we were and didn’t run the risk of being trampled by the 100’s of teeny boppers jumping to the music, lol.

Brooke and Isabella enjoyed the night, although Bella did get a little upset with the drums at one stage…they were a little on the loud side, but she soon settled back to sleep, with the help of my gorgeous Mum.

So for $15 (plus the $50+ I spent on food, etc), we had a fun filled day and night, and I’m sure it will be a happy memory for the kids to remember as the grow up :).



Claytons wedding March 21, 2009

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Claytons Wedding  (the wedding you shoot when you don’t have a wedding) lol

My step-sis Kylie was bridesmaid in her friend’s wedding today, and I was asked along to get photos of her. 

Kylie’s Mum and my Aunty drove me over (they were curious to see Kyes wearing a DRESS, lol!).  After a little panic that we might get there late, our fears were allayed when driving up the vineyard’s track….in the middle of the wedding party!!  Lol!
The day was great, and I had fun and learnt a fair bit (namely trying to shoot in direct sunlight….yuk!).
I feel I could have done better, but as I wasn’t officially ‘invited’ guest, I would have felt rude to nudge through friends and family of the couple to get some shots (not to mention the ‘real’ photographer!).

I have avoided shooting in full sun whenever possible, so this was a great way for me to learn, knowing that the pressure wasn’t completely on me to get perfect shots, enabling me to use a few different settings without the worry of ‘stuffing it up’.
My Dad babysat my 3 girls for the few hours I was out, and it was great getting out and about without having to worry about where they were and what mischief they were up to, lol.  We got home just after 7pm, and everyone was still alive and well!  Bella had been good, and only grizzled a few times, and wasn’t even overly fussed that I was home, lol.  All my (secret) stress over nothing!  Dad enjoyed having the girls too.  It musn’t have been too bad, as they are having Hails and Brooke overnight (I think having Bella for a night might have been pushing it, hehe).

So…here are a few of my fave shots of the day:


Lauren & Hilly's wedding 21.03.09

Lauren & Hilly's wedding 21.03.09


There’s more, but it’s getting late, so will add some more tomorrow :0)


Losing momentum February 27, 2009

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I think I’ve hit a bit of a slump.  The last week or so, I just haven’t felt motivated to pick up the camera much…not sure why, but it seems to be a phase I go through every so often, and I tend to snap out of it pretty quickly.

I have still managed to get my POTD shots – even though a few of them are just last minute snaps.  Better than nothing.  I really want to finish this challenge!!

58/365 27 Feb 2009



Firey sunset February 22, 2009

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Today’s POTD (photo of the day) was a last minute effort…taken on our way home…through the windscreen of the car, lol!

I tokk the kids, plus an extra (Hailey’s friend) to the circus today…it was quite good, but not quite as “spectacular” as I remember as a kid.  Another drawback of getting older, I suppose.  The whole thing went for around 2 hours, but I had promised the kids we’d get McDonalds for dinner afterwards (whoops!)…then I had to drive Hailey’s friend home….AND stick around for a chat. 

It was after 7pm by the time we were back on our way home again, and driving down the dirt road…right on the horizon was the sun…bright red sun!  It was amazing!  I tried to get more pics of it, but my camera doesn’t like my “new” lens, so it gave me an error 99 message.  With two VERY tired, VERY dirty & VERY whingey kids in the back, I thought it was best we just keep going home! 

The red of the sun is caused by the bushfires that are STILL burning…2 weeks after they started (7th Feb “Black Saturday”).  Hopefully tomorrow’s weather conditions don’t wreak too much havoc…those poor firefighters!!!

53/365 22 Feb 2009

Firey sunset

Firey sunset